Etymology And Origins Of The Bohemian Style

Etymology Of Bohemian

The word “bohemian” has been a word used loosely to describe a certain style. However, did you know that it was used to refer to Czech people? It was only when William Makepeace Thackeray used the word “Bohemian” to refer to people such as artists and writers who were deviants when it comes to the conventional aspects of life and art. Over time, the word “bohemian” started to refer to a certain style.

Origins Of Bohemian Style

One of the very first people to exhibit a bohemian style was Jane Morris. She was known for exhibiting styles that are similar to how the bohemian style is characterized nowadays by dressing in flowing dresses and having hoops and beads prevalent in her accessories. Over time, certain people have exhibited such a style until it rose to popularity as a style in itself.

Current Bohemian Style

When you think of Boho Style Clothing and accessories, certain styles of clothing may come to mind. You might think of the fashion that people who go to Coachella may wear or those that were popular with the ‘hippies’ in the 60’s. However, the current bohemian style focuses more on being earthy and natural. Think of dresses with multiple layers of light fabric that flow when blown by the wind. This also goes for tops such as blouses which can be layered and should have the flowing and natural quality to them. Accessories such as bead necklaces are also prominent when it comes to the current bohemian style.

The concept of being natural extends to makeup as well. The makeup, when going for a bohemian look, should not be heavy and dramatic. One needs to look fresh instead of eye-catching. For shades ofeyeshadow and lipstick, it should be soft and preferable in nude or muted colors.

Best Accessories For That Boho Chic Look

Have you heard of Bohemian Style Clothing? It is a hippie-like clothing where people wear loose natural garments and many layers of clothing. It was termed by the journalist Laura Demasi, in 2002, to describe a fashionable ethnic-looking style in vogue. And it has since then been popular in many celebrities and random people alike. So if you’re interested in this type of clothing, here are some tips in accessorizing that look.

Why Accessorize
In this type of style, know that accessorizing is a must. It is the trademark of the fashion. Remember that boho chic is about putting some layers, and accessories are important to achieve this look.

Bracelets And More Bracelets
Try putting on many layers of bracelets. You can experiment with those old fashioned woven Mexican style bands. You know those made for friendship bracelets? Yeah, those intertwining wooden old-looking bracelets could do. Also, braided and metal armbands can also do the trick. And anklets too are nice.

Wear Dangly Earrings
In order to achieve that eclectic gypsie look, big earrings are essential. Choose the natural looking ones, the ones with stone embellishments or metalliccircular gems. You could also accessorize with feather or pearl earrings. Basically, anything that looks natural and looks taken from the earth is okay. Stay out of those synthetic looking plastics and small metal earrings.  If you are looking to buy bohemian jewelry pay them a visit.

Put Some Finishing Touches
You could complete your boho chic look by layering your necklace. Try putting on some ethnic-looking necklace one after another, or better yet buy one set that looks bohemian clothing accessory. Lastly, try putting on some beach-type summer hat. Those big hats with intricate florals or maybe just those ethnic type wooden hats. If you like more of boho-chic inspired accessories, there are many Boho Stores out there. Just remember to be creative and have fun